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Aluminum Alloy Series Lever Block

Aluminum Alloy Lever Block Characteristics :
1. High strength, high plasticity aluminum alloy box makes the strength improved greatly and keep the light weight at the same time.
2. Two velocity and the short handle make the operation labor saving.
3. 360 rotating handle provide various operation mode in limited space
4. Sprocket wheel which can rollover freely in narrow position, makes sure the chain to move fast and easily
5. Fully enclosed, automatic control system makes the brake clean and dry and guarantee the work safe and reliable at the same time.


Maximum Traction 7.5KN(0.5T) 15KN(1.5T) 30KN(3.0T)
Chain Diameter 5mm 5mm 5mm
Contraction Long 30mm 350mm 480mm
Head(optional) 1500/3000mm 1500/3000mm 1500/3000mm
Operation Sten Length 230mm 230mm 430mm
Weight(1.5M For Example) 4 5 8

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