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HSH-VT Series Lever Block

Application OF HSH-VT Lever block :      

HSH-VT series lever block is a kind of high efficiency and multipurpose manual hoisting machine. It can be widely used in equipment installation, goods lifting and machine hauling in  department, shipbuilding, posts and telecommunications, transportation, construction and mine, etc. Especially in narrow workplaces, high-altitude work and other different angle's hauling, it shows unique superiority.

Characteristics of HSH-VT Lever block:
HSH-VT series lever block improve greatly in the design of the structure, the chosen of the material and the manufacturing craft make the product having the following characters:
1. The main parts are critically forged to make the product safe and durable.
2. The top and bottom hooks are critically forged to guarantee the safety.
3. Double pawls which greatly improve the security and reliability.
4. Brake and disengaging gear are equipped. 
5. Bidirectional pawl in handle, convenient for lifting and lowering heavy object  
6. More reasonable in handle design, more comfortable in operation.
7. Small in volume, light in weight and portable.

Specification of HSH-VT Lever block:

Model HSH-VT0.8T HSH-VT1.6T HSH-VT3.2T
Capacity(kg) 800 1600 3200
Standard lifting Height (m) 1.5 1.5 1.5
Testing Load(kg) 1200 2400 4800
Load Chain Falls No. 1 1 1
Dia*Pitch 6*18 7.1*21 9*27
Hmin Headroom H mm 280 340 400
N.W/G.W(kg) 6/6.5 9.8/10.2 15.4/16.3
Demension (mm) A 120 146 170
B 120 146 170
C 270 410 410
D 50 65 85
E 90 90 130
F 35 34 33
G 14 20 24

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