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HSZ-VT Series Chain Hoist


Gear: Adopt Japanese technology of the symmetric arrangement of high speed synchronous gear; The international standard gear steel is of redoubled wear resistance, small pulling force than the common ones, rotate more stably.

Chain: High strengthened chain, subtle joint in welding. It is treated with the intermediate frequency furnace induction quenching according to international standard chain specification; Be capable of working at the sudden over load conditions; The hand chain feels better than before;This kind of chain hoist can be pulled in various direction at an angle of 45°,which is better than the common ones whose hand chain can only be pulled vertically down.

Hook: The hooks are most intensity safe hook which are made of high quality alloy steel, with special treatment. This can guarantee that the hook will not break, and will deform gradually under a sudden over loaded. The hooks are newly designed which making the cargo not fall.

Limit switch: Fitted at both top and bottom ends, the limit switch can switch off automatically to prevent load chain from running out.

Component: The key component are made of high quality alloy steel .The dimensions are strict and every component can play its function well.

Hoist body: Slim and beautiful Shape, which makes it comply with the human system

engineering. Light and fit to be used in different areas. 

Painting: Advanced painting both inside and outside, durable color.

Cover sheet: The enclosure of the hoist is made of precision steel, which makes it looks deft and firm.




Standard Lift(m)
Running Test Load (t)0.751.52.2534.57.515
Minimum Distance Between Hooks (mm)285315340380475600700
Chain Pull Force In full Loading (kg)25333434353941
 Load Chain No.1111224
Load Chain Diametter(mm)
Net Weight (kg)8.41113.521224077
Gross Weight(kg)9.41214.5222341.585
Packing Measurements(L*W*H) cm30*17*3230*17*3230*17*3228*19*2330*17*3240*20*3462*50*26
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