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EB_A Flat Webbing Sling


The unique advantages of webbings slings:
1.Can be single ply or double ply sewing method is different
2.The specification can be adjusted according to the customers needs
3.Loading surface is wide to reduce the weight at each loading point
4.No damages to tender objucts
5.Various loading method
6.High strength/weight ratio
7.Anti-abrasion and anti-incision protection sleeve can be attached
8.Has special label working load is differentiated by colors acccrding to international Standard easy to identify even if the sling has been abrased
9.light and soft can be used in small narrow space 
10.In pu processing anti-danger of electric stroke
11.Non-conJuctive,no danger of electric stroke
12.In comptance with european standard en 1492-1:2000and chinese standard jb/t8251-2007

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